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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Back in the days of yore, before those wedding bells broke up that ole-gang-oh-mine, we used to gather at a place on the avenue. Every Sunday night (to this day), there was a Poetry Slam. Here you would find writers, new and old, upfront and sometimes in your face, reading their work, giving their unique mental morsels a turn on the micwaves. Adding a Voice to their page gave us a new dimension, and most always a wonderful peek into the real deal behind the words. It was MAGIC…

Hearing Stephanie Pearl-McPhee read Saturday at Arcadia Knitting brought me right back to that place – where the Words come alive and Speak to the listener, touching them personally, tickling them with meaning and delight!


I got to the shop after it was LOADED with folks.


Wall-to-wall knitters bright with smiles,
(that’s the lovely Melody, middle front),


spellbound by the wickedly funny stories and
jokes that were buzzing all around.

WE, a whole Building FULL of Knitters just soaked it up
and wanted more.


Those of us with Muggle (non-knitting) friends can appreciate the opportunity to mingle and bond with those that share the Fever! I had a great time catching up with Emily or catching a buzz, enjoying ALL the hand knits (especially Melissa’s Clapotis – see the 30th, WOW!), talking to friends old and new – charmed by Franklin and awed by Karen…


Check out Karen’s tres cool Shrug – so Pretty!


Stephanie signed my book and referenced CHIC but I ask you, on the Left, the Harlot, in hand-knit socks with International Rock Star BOOTS or Moi, on the Right (picture snapped by the wonderful Laura) in loafers and tighty whities (eeek!)…


And these, on another Harlot fan, could sum it up:
the whole day just knocked my Boots OFF!
Magique, Magique!!!

A HUGE shout-out and thanks to Marcy Neth (from Stitch’n’Bitch Nation fame) for later taking us all to the restaurant – and Franklin for sharing the El on the way home – Merci Beaucoup!!!

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