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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ode to the Fiber Fest, cont…

Carlito would drool over this…

It’s Friday, and I have no new threads to bragabboud.

I can sense a Wind of Keen Diappointed Astonishment blowing my way so instead I will brag about three of my most favorite possesions!

From L to R:

1. Mr. Chia Soldier: this hollow piece of Art is from WWII and has holes all over his head so you can grow Chia Hair (I need seeds, anybody?)

2. My New Digital Scale: WOWOWOWOW – my sister turned me on to this bad boy when I whined about figuring out postage in advance of mailing to avoid the 1+ hour I usually have to wait in line at the Division St Post Office. I got it on eBay. It is shown with a 3.7 oz. complimentary ball of Barn Yarn…

3. Ty the Jack Russell Terrior: or as I suspect, the Terror. This is currently my favorite dog photograph (I have a few). I found it at a flea market a long time ago – it is OLD and actually Sepia Toned. Someone wrote the name “Ty” on it with white ink. I think my Ty is better than that guy on Extreme Makover, who actually bounces off the wall alot like a Jack Russell might…

In other Knitting News: we have lift-OFF! POCKETS are now attempting orbit on the Scoop du Jour woolie…


Beth writes: “That was FAST! Wow! :-)”

Ye, m’am! This is a fusion project – I’m knitting the straight St st parts on the machine and doing all the ribs and bands by hand. So far, all the parts are *loomed* and I’m plugging away on all that rib.

…see all entries here in the Complete Notes: Barny Yarny

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