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Friday, September 2, 2005

Knit1 YO K1: the Worry Beads of a Troubled Mind…


It Grows! It actually LOOKs like a shawl! I am amazed and humbled. I had not the faith to think it actually, by my hand, could.

All I had was time; lots of time with nothing but the temptation to immerse myself in the negative so instead I kept my head down.

And I kept my hands busy.

The Worry Beads, they tumble…

With most of the projects I’ve worked on in the last couple of years, I do a parallel color study. This shawl was the actual result of me looking at a favorite orange chair in my living room that had a
blue patterned pillow on it.


It seemed, once that color pair was in my brain, I started to see it everywhere, in and out of my house.

As the shawl started to grow, once I added the Orange to the Blue, the drama jumped; it was reminiscent of something else I was very, very fond of: Oriental Fabrics and Tapestries.

The piece below, a Chinese embroided Court Robe, (from the galleries of Marla Mallett Textiles), has been my touchstone while I continue to knit the Flower Basket…

used with permission

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