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Thursday, August 11, 2005

But of course!

I GLUED them back together…

Even though they did not deserve it! Even though the Super Glue had exploded in the utility drawer because of the HOT weather and had melded many many ODD things together! Even though I had to pull out the Big Guns, Mr. & Mrs. Epoxy (tubes 1 & 2) and MIX the crap together with a cocktail stirrer! Even though it was in the A.M. and I couldn’t enjoy a cocktail WITH my stirring (if you do the math, Broken Needle = Mojito)! Even though I had to rescue them from under the couch where somehow they had taken refuge from my Needle Rage! (Yup, I tugged on the other side and it too, came right off in my hand…)

(Damn, I ought to dust under there once in awhile…)


AND I am happily using my Addis once again!

WHY you ask, oh Gentle Reader, after going to all that trouble? Because, the naughty Bamboo Babies were not the right needle for the job after all. I was getting uneven stitches in the fabric – I had tried the bam-boo-s to begin with because, actually for this project, I needed, not #7’s, not #8’s, but #7.5 ‘s! And mysteriously, this didn’t show in the original swatch, but was only apparent after about 4 inches of actual knitting. So OFF with Its Thread!

SO, this story has a Happy Ending even though the Little Bad Muse made me k*** some A** HOT-5.gif


In happier news, I am keeping my fingers crossed for some great knitting weather tonight because I’m meeting my #1 Work Buddie, Eden, for some lakeside stitching. I hope to make some *homework* swatches for my classes this weekend at Stitches Midwest. The sleeve class takes only 3 swatches – arrggh!

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