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Friday, August 5, 2005

Eat or be eaten. Beat or be beaten…

Iggy Pop (1982 – Zombie Birdhouse)

Yarn Snob? Not I!

BUT, I am a NEEDLE SNOB! Addis or nothing!


BUT unable to go shopping the last few days to try and find some needles to keep working on my Gwyneth pulli, I rousted about the hut and found some neglected circular needles. Their color was perfect; now my grey yarn stood out on a background of receding color and I could relax and just knit to it...

BUT! These needles were what I considered *light duty* numbers - unfit for anything but stitch holding! They were Boye circulars I bought on sale at a Joann's that was closing their yarn department. I had 2 pairs of #4's - they were used when I was doing machine knitting where you are often left with a few rows to finish by hand. I'd pop the waiting stitches on those Bois knowing that its stiff cable wouldn't lose ANYTHING...

NEVERMIND the rather funky tips, the weird cable...

I applied some blunt force, right on the BUS! and bent them to my will


Top: Before
Bottom: After

Believe it or not, the finish on these is a little sticky and just right for the slippery cotton I’m using. And the rebellious cable (that even under high temp torture from my hair dryer relaxed but just a little)? It is now out of the way just enough to HELP me keep tension on the line…


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