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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Sometimes you kick
Sometimes you get kicked
Sometimes you kick

Come on come on come on come

I look around unsatisfied
At what they’re giving me
Then I think to myself
Is there someone else
Who feels the same as me
Do you feel the same baby

Sometimes you kick
Sometimes you get kicked

INXS 1987

OY! My head’s as thick as a brick!

What seems like MONTHS of +90 degree weather has finally taken its toll on my bod and laid me low for a day. My job puts me outside in smack dab in the middle of it 50% of the work day and dehydration is a foul state (but generally short lived). I’m happy to say, I’m back on track after a day in a dark room with plenty of liquids. OY!

I woke up long enough last night to catch some of that *new* reality show even my jaded buddies are watching – the Rock Star INXS Battle of the Band lead singers. (Who knew Dave Navarro’s hair never moves? Is it just me or is Brooke Burke the doppelganger of Carmen ELectra?)


I really am pulling for JORDIS UNGA but I’m kindof thinking MIG AYESA is gonna kick it – he’s Australian, mate (And, he has a blog)…


Now THIS Kicks some —!!!

thanks Lynette!

And in the mail from one of me mates, Lynette sent me some beautiful stitch markers! GORGEOUS! Thanks so much – so unexpected – I was a runner-up in her CottenEase Stash Count Contest! Miss L is the Stash QUEEN of the Year! She has over (by now – am I right Lynette?) 131 balls of CE! BRAVA!!!

Behind the lovely markers you see some Jagger Zephyr that I ordered last week and that is destined to become a shawl. Believe it or not, that is enough yarn to do it too! Now if I can just make up my mind about what pattern I want to use…

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