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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This is turning out to be a lot more FUN! than I ever thought it would. Compared to my 1st Shawl Fiasco (black yarn, boring pattern), this one is whizzing along.


A few days ago, I had a swatch; now it really is starting to L@@K like a Shawl! Woot! Since you start at the neck with just a few stitches, every pattern repeat reveals a wonderful new dimension to the piece. Even the learning curve with the initial crochet provisional cast-on wasn’t too steep (thank you LOIS for your cool tutorial – I won’t bore you all on how many tries I did until I liked the way it looked! Let me just say it was a question of balance and skill not unlike riding a two-wheeler bicycle. You were either riding or flat on the ground.)

Also extremely pleasing to me is the variegations of the yarn and the way the colors are revealing themselves in the pattern. I’ve pinned it to its little Mother Ship of a chair and pillow in my living room (the two were partially responsible for me trying this Bold color combo to begin with). Now I can see it when I glance up from my other knitting; it’s across from my favorite stitching chair.

Dirty Little Secret: You see, over the last couple of years, all of my projects are Test Drives until proven otherwise. In the past, I used to just blindly finish (or bury) garments to completion; now I pause a little along the way to test their appeal and my attraction to the initial idea. If they don’t measure up, I’m much less inclined to continue and will rip that sucker out!

But this time, I must say to myself: “ON with its Thread!”

to be continued. For the whole shebang read it HERE

Monday, August 22, 2005

  Monday Morning Mirth  

OK, all you Rock Stars (and Karaoke Divas) HERE’s one for you!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

what my Friend did on her Summer Vacation…


Being trapped in the Cul-de-Sac that is the MidWest sometimes prevents my brain from tripping naturally around the greater North American region. Not So for my good friend Lorri, who just returned from a fabulous biking adventure up (see what I mean) in Nova Scotia!

One of her stops was River John. And what happened in River John? Why she scooped up a treasure of souvenirs for her little buddy in Chicago: MOI :)

Isn’t this the most beautiful yarn ever? AND it is coupled with some handmade Birch Swing needles – all this came from the Lismore Sheep Farm – crafted by John Crawford…

The very best thing about this is that Lorri gave me a paper sack in the lobby of the building where we both work. I pulled it out and started weeping! Why the tears? (beside the usual sentimentality between good friends?) well – my two oldest friends are not knitters – and for Lorri to NAIL IT like this just blew me away!

b.LIMEY, Mate! I am the luckiest girl alive!

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