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Thursday, July 7, 2005

how do YOU SSK?

If you are like me, not very well.
No matter what I do, my Slip-slip-knits (left leaning decreases)

Relatively speaking, of course. (Not 100% crap but they truly need improvement!) I want them to look just as lovely as my Knit2Togethers!


The First Way I learned a left leaning decrease was to slip the first stitch in the pair knitwise (needle tip through left side of stitch), knit the second stitch, then pass that first stitch back over the knit stitch.

For me, it left a sloppy big loop on top of the pair of stitches that were knit together.

SO I went on to this way of doing the left-leaner – a SSK, or slip, slip knit…

HIGH HOPES people!!!

But I’m experiencing almost the SAME THING! I am plagued by SLoppy L@@p!

A friend suggested that instead of slipping both stitches knitwise, I slip the first stitch knitwise (needle tip through left side of stitch), the second stitch purlwise (needle tip through right side, or front, of stitch) and then knit them together.

When I do this, the top loop IS smaller but now I have a little ridge on the bottom loop sticking out because it is a twisted stitch.

I am becoming obsessed with this – everytime I see the abbreviation SSK I see the word SUCK! Anyone want to enable/enlighten me??? :)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< blinkiekip72.gif

Chicago Weather: “Highs: Mid 70s lakeshore,
low 80s inland

Purrrrrrrr-fect sip’n’knit weather…

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