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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

parisnotebook.gif  3

“Hey BonneBonne, where’s the Knitting? Whatever happened to the airport knitting? Have you stopped knitting or what?”…


VOILA! Here is the first part of the Bisect Shell! After I landed in Paris and had my first SitDown&Knit with Fluffa and Jackie-Blue, it was ripped and re-knit. Something dubious (yarn jet lag?) happened over the Atlantic to my gauge – some stitches were loosey-goosey; others right on. So, OFF with its thread!

It made it through a second pass when I was overcome with Yarn Envy! One just can’t sit on the couch next to another knitter and ignore their work. One must interupt one’s own work (and the other knitter’s) with questions about their project and fiber, non?

And when it’s the most excellent Becky knitting, you know it’s gonna be G-O-O-D. She was working on a fine little sweater out of something called Phildar *Phil Lin* a cotton (40%), linen (15%), and viscose (45%) blend. (VISCOSE: read about the beast here.) I was a lost(found) cause and ABANDONDED ship on the GGH Java yarn (beautiful stuff but the fabric it made was too-heavy for the Bisect), right at the 4″ mark AGAIN.

Who could blame me? The Phil Lin is beautiful – light weight, summery – and I was a goner…

When we found ourselves in La Samaritaine department store (after a fine lunch at Henri IV wine bar on the Ilse with Jackie’s wonderful friends from NY), what do you think I did?

Well first of all, I was overcome with gratitude that the store had such impecible manners that they put THIS right in front of me to welcome me to Paris!


What the? Immediately cross my path with some b.Lime and what do you think I will do?


RUN right over to the Phildar Boutique and get an eyeful! The Phildar people are absolutely meticulous about the presentation of their wares. They are set out with care and attention to detail; not a Thread is Out of Place.

Here you could see the entire range of offerings and I quickly found the Phil Lin, in a color becoming dear to my heart: Natural!

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