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Monday, May 16, 2005

  Monday Morning Mirth  


Mirth as Glad Appreciation: Ask and Ye Shall Recieve!
Just last week I was wondering HOW I was going to freshen up my dreary, dirty painted place and LO! and behold it arrives.

Last weekend, at the Mother & Daughter Banquet I attended with me Mom, I received the above beautiful hand knitted dishcloth. When attendees left the event, they were invited to scoop a little wrapped present out of a box on their way out the door. I picked something soft…

Now, with the little included scrubber, I am armed and dangerous! Look OUT wall scum! Run for your LIFE skidmarks! And all the time, I will be totally entertained by the lovliness of my tools…

Since this gift was anonymous, I would like to THANK everyone, everywhere who makes wonderful little gifts like this -


DIY Dishcloth

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