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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

a Tale of Two Bedrooms

If you’ve been tripping the lights over here @ChicKnits for any length of time, you’ve heard part of this tale already. I live in a *three-flat* type building where three families live stacked on top of each other.

I am the filling in the sandwich cookie.

I probably should feel special about this because without me, this building would just be a silly little two-flat, but no, I am just ordinary, just tortured…

I am the middle child of three and this has been my natural state for as long as I can remember. It is uncanny how history repeats itself.

My bedroom is over the downstairs duplex’s nursery; my bedroom is under my upstairs neighbor’s new music mixing *center*. I have lived through the teething, weaning and changing of three babies; I am now living through the live birth of rock’n’roll.

Sleep deprivation is not a good thing.

So after work last week, I hatched a plan coming home on the #66. I would flip bedrooms. By trying to sleep in an area where no one else was sleeping was sheer folly! My second, larger bedroom would now become my *real* sleep chamber instead of the work studio I was using it as. This is the area where all the adults in the building sleep. Just like those flap-jacks you find in the Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast, on any given night, we’d all be stacked and snorin’. I would restore the natural balance of the building (and not be a sh*t and fight about who could do what in their house…)

I moved all the big furniture in 3 hours. The large sweater armoire was emptied then pushed onto a folded old quilt and dragged down the hall like it was Christmas Morning and I was Rudolph tethered to the sleigh. I was so giddy I was glowing as I ran! The prospect of a good night’s sleep was just around the corner and I was going home!

Needless to say, a pile of books, mailers, photographs, yarn, cables, lights, etc. forms a huge mound in the *new* office. But under the large double window now sits my drafting table, open to the inspiration of the sky where it once only faced a boring wall. Along the short wall in the new studio, lives the yarn stash in a burst of color and promise that will hopefully egg me on to greater work. It was all over the place before and OMG, it’s bulk, enmass, I had no idea…

Downside: this place needs to be painted/and/or cleaned! (Anybody out there know the best way to clean painted walls?) Funny how it takes a move to *see* the reality of your surroundings. And by god, I need all new furniture! At least in the bedroom – when it was all crammed into the little bedroom, all those mixed up shook up styles and periods looked charming(?) but now that it’s spread around it just looks tacky. Another reason to be online as much as possible: fantasy furniture shopping!

BTW, I’m sleeping like a baby…

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