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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Lynda writes: “I’m awful. Last August/Sept. I knit myself a LowTech Hoodie and then could not make myself seam it up. Finally, after it has gotten too warm to wear it in Oklahoma, I started seaming it. When I got to the point where I was ready to seam the Raglan sleeves to the body I just stopped. I have Fear of Finishing. Please let me know what you beleive to be the best method for seaming this area which will be noticeable.”

OH Boy oh Boy OH BOY!

B-Marie’s Quick Start Picture Guide to Sleeve Seaming

Mattress stitch the side seams of your garment and the sleeve seam. Steam flat (if fiber content allows) for a minimal, low bulk seam.

With sweater and sleeve turned inside out, pin sleeve to body of sweater, matching underarm seams. (The right side of the sleeve faces the right side of the body.) I use big stainless steel T-pins.

ENTER the Mystery Guest – FINALLY – a use for superwash wool! Although I often use the sweater’s yarn to seam, I aim for low-bulk and like to use a yarn that is much smaller in gauge to seam my sweaters. In this case, the cotton yarn I knit the sweater with would’ve made a very thick seam so I opted for Sportweight SuperWash wool in a matching color. This works especially well for sleeves, where you really want to make a small flexible seam. Even though the body fabric is cotton, using stretchy superwash wool that won’t shrink is a plus…

Now, I join the sleeve to the body of the sweater using a slip-stitch crochet stitch. I find this to produce a flexible and easy way to join. It makes a very strong seam.

Here is a CU of the stitch being made.

This is how the completed sleeve seam looks. It is a chain just like at the top of a bag of dog food. You all know how to *un-zip* that type of join, so be sure to fasten the end of your seam securely so no accidental zippage occurs :)

VOILA! Here is the completed Raglan Sleeve Seam – very strong and very lean…

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