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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

More interesting than the actual Style of the Runaway Bride’s Bridesmaid’s Dresses?


Probably not, but I am having a HeyDay on a cotton T-shirt Binge! It all started with, what else, a Holiday.

That holiday is coming up THIS weekend and I am going up north to Michigan to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mom. Every year, my sister and I meet up with Mom at her church on the Saturday before Mday and enjoy a nice lunch, provided and served by the Men of the church. Every year, there’s a bigger and bigger turn-out, so I think they are on to something.

Because I’m in lifelong possession of some kind of unique(neurotic) stranding, my DNA does not allow me to ignore ANY holiday without at least an attempt at a new garment. At least this year, I have the mighty Silver Reed to help me out.

I decided sometime EARLY Saturday morning before the Cuppa Kicked In (CKI), that a new cool cotton mock turtleneck would be in my immediate future.

I have worn this favorite one many times –


It is really awful. It is almost the first sweater I designed all the way through. It is so beset with mistakes (front is wider than the back, missed/mismatched decreasing on the sleeves, weird partial felting/soshort/so sad) that I only wear this shorty around the house. (Such a bummer, because it is made from a really beautiful wool/alpaca blend and was the first really nice yarn I ever bought.) But alas, she is WONKY and remains a private torture.

But back to the future: I wanted a plain cream colored MTurt to wear to the banquet with one of my printed cotton skirts. It’s cool enough up North in Michigan where I’m going that this will be perfect made from worsted cotton.

For the first time, the looming of my pieces went very fast. I think I’m really getting the hang of this! I took the time to make several gauge swatches (one of the BEST things about machine knitting – you can tweak those loop sizes alot more than when you are restrained to using 1mm jumps in diameter). This step, I think, was key.

So key, such an unlocked mind, that I couldn’t gobble up just one and the next morning, made most of the pieces for another one from some Rowan Calmer rescued from the Deep Stash. This also was knit with a 20/28 gauge.

Now, I’m busy ribbing the cream colored MT edges by hand and I think, with any luck, it’s on the catwalk Saturday…

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