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Friday, April 8, 2005


Sarah writes: “since the weather for wool is winding down, I was wondering what your thoughts were on making the cardi in a cotton or cotton blend? I don’t have any experience knitting with cotton and have
no idea how a substitution like this might work…”

Oh, YEAH! Cotton and the Ribby are old friends! The original Bulky Gauge Ribby ribbycardiesm.jpg was made out of a now discontinued yarn by Adriafil called *NAVY* which was 60%Cotton/40%Microfiber. This was made in 2002 and has held up VERY well. In fact, I’m wearing it to work this morning…

And because the sun is shining and the forsythia are blooming (!), another Cotton/Microfiber Ribby is on the make – VIVA Spring!

I looked high and low for a cotton blend I wanted to use for this outing. My favorite Cot/M yarn, All Seasons, was too chubby. Enter GGH *Samoa* which has the goodness of the blending, the matte finish I love so much and really wonderful colors. Problem – can’t find Samoa anywhere…

Enter, a USA source, which I found through valiant search engineering and VOILA! Samoa galore! Voila! On the ChicKnits Springtime Needles we have:

YUM! Since my other Spring sweater is the center part of b.Lime,
I thought I’d make this the Rind!

Kim writes: “I just started my Ribby Cardi last night and I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to make the back fully ribbed, but make the front with the flat pannel.”

No Probs, Kim! You can mix and match your ribbing to your hearts content. (Just remember that ribbed portions will be more fitted and clingy and the plain portions expanded.)

My Cot/M Ribby is going to have a 3×1 ribbed center panels with plain sides on both the sleeves and body pieces. I am also going to put a button band on this one instead of a zipper to reduce bulk and make a more *air conditioned* garment. I’ll keep track of the mods HERE

Cotton Ribby Cardi
Design: ChicKnits
Color: #42 Soft Kelly Green
Gauge: 19sts/24 rows over 4″
Needles: #5 & #6
Yarn: ggh *Samoa*

This Just In: Woot! SuperCrafty writes and says if you purchase at least a bag (10 balls) of Samoa from them and mention “ChicKnits” when you pay, SuperCrafty will give you free shipping on it and any other items you buy with that purchase…

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