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Thursday, April 7, 2005

first flowers spied on my street

Just because the weather in APril in Chicago is so confused that one can’t tell up from down doesn’t mean my little knitting brain should spiral around like a top. Yet it happens. Over and over.

I take a straightforward pattern and make it HARD! I can’t look at a picture or read directions without having to TINKER. And tinkering can get you into trouble…


Here is the Martha cardi from Rowan #37. On the left you see tinkering: a moss stitch border. It is clunky and too wide. On the right, is the way the pattern intended it to appear – unobtrusive and simple, letting the checkerboard pattern sing it’s solo…


The Little Bad Muse has decided that I MUST tinker some more! To banish the nasty moss stitch edging, I will reverse engineer the edge. I take a needle several sizes smaller than the body needle and thread it through a row of stitches right where I want the new border to begin.


Now I find a stitch a row above the stitch I want to keep and snip it. This point should be a couple of inches from the nearest edge because you will use the *tail* formed to attach your new thread. Then, I un-ravel the yarn in both directions.


After all the stitches are unraveled in both directions, I am left with *live stitches* all ready to be knit into the new border of my chosing.


Here lies the detached moss stitch border, crying out for more tinkering! If I had a similar gauge project going on I could GRAFT this sucker right on another edge. See directions HERE

OMG! Stop Me before I TINK again…

Martha Knitalong hosted by the fabulous Rose

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