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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

ChicKnits New Threads Tuesday

Ribby’s got the FUNK!
Me & Bootsy singing “Hollywood Squares”

Ribby Cardi
Design: ChicKnits
Yarn: I Kettle Dyed Barn Yarn
Color: Cordovan & Blackberry
Gauge: 19sts/24 rows over 4″
Needles: #6 & #7
Type: Hand Knit

I have no idea when and where I got the CD but it’s called “Back in the DAY: the Best of Bootsy”

Hey, who’s Bootsy? The premier FunkoPhonic Bassist in the 70’s for James Brown, Parliment & the Funkadelics and then his own RUBBER BAND…

NOTES: becasue I wanted this as a *Work Jacket* instead of a regular cardi, I lengthened the body by 2 inches (taking approximately 75 extra yds of yarn) and I lengthened the sleeves by 1 inch (which takes about 20 extra yds). Translated to patterneese, that would mean an extra ball of 110yds/skein yarn! As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to *get more* as in that extra ball as added insurance for the project…

I also *tipped* the collar with a little COLOR! I used about 6 yds of CHARTRUESE (but of course!) to edge the collar for a tonal LIFT!


You can see the kettle goodness of the dyejob here, too… the color is striated throughout – it isn’t nice and even but is nicer and uneven!

read the Ribby Notes HERE

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