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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

green with (Spring) ENVY…

I long for the day I can throw the windows OPEN – the days when a moist breeze kisses the cheek and freshens the heart. I long to breathe in the glee of the new wind and rush to air the house; let it roll over all those dirty corners and then CLEAN it til it shines!

NOT! Knitting, my friends is better than HOUSEWORK! Knitting will bust the Cabin Fever we all seem to be SUFFERING from. WHY else would I get this email last night (spelling, etc as written):

Subject: Martha S. poncho

Textfield: Make me Marthas poncho? Anyone out In this World that would knit me the PONCHO

Any Takers? ANYBODY!? ( I must politely DECLINE!)

This poor woman is BURNING UP! Please, step away from the computer and GO OUTSIDE and roll in the snow!

I see little crocus pushing their way out of the ground, in the midst of the snow. There was one 68 degree day last week, and they, like all God’s creatures, myself included, were FOOLED into thinking it was safe to come outside and play. It’s NOT!!! It is 22 degrees right now! I just set out my long underwear for the 166th day.

THIS is why I am enjoying the Green Thing. I am compensating for the lack thereof in the Great Outdoors.

In an act of totally unselfish self-preservation, I fired up the knitting machine this weekend and (now that I’m DONE with a couple of projects) started a simple deep-ribbed cardigan. I have all the *straight* knitting done and am now adding the ribbing piece by piece.

I love this color – the freshest Grass Green – a yarn by Austermann called “Rubino”. It is an Italian merino/microfiber blend that is very Palace as opposed to Barn…

Just smooth, soft well-defined stitches – and a color to roll around in until Those Better Days arrive…

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