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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Let Spring Fever BEGIN!!!

As hard to believe as one being able to Buy Yarn in Prison, I’ve gone ahead and started another Project! And, my chilly little body is all over THIS color. Started, in celebration of the weather to come AND the return of Herself to the Compound (although sporting an ankle bracelet), is a little cardi called *Martha* from the new Rowan (Number 37).

It is a very architectural all over eyelet check pattern that works rather quickly. I am using the re-cycled Filatura di Crosa *Zara* wool from the extinct Fern.

Here’s another springy tightly spun merino – sooo soft and buttery. (Lightbulb, I think I’m in the midst of a barn yarn rebellion!)

This stuff will wear well right next to the skin or over a little Tee or Cami. Yum…

I don’t know why, but here’s another color (and texture) that seems to defy digital photography! Do you see the angle bias of the pattern? It’s not *really* there – it’s actually a vertical ladder-type pattern – check out a better picture here.

I’ve been experimenting with white balances and color temperatures and it’s as close as I can get with Daylight. Flash washes it completely out. Maybe it’s time to try artificial light – arrgggh! I love shooting daylight – even though I use commercial light setups all the live long day on my job – there is nothing, IMHO, for color reproduction and subtlety like an indirect natural source. Maybe I should move to a house with much bigger windows… :p

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