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Friday, March 4, 2005


While I’m wading through the pile of almost FOs, I’m tempting myself with some inspiring goodies. In the mail comes:
– the new Spring 2005 Rowan
– a bag of All Seasons Cotton in…


We need some serious Warmth in these here parts and even though the sky is blue today, my brain is still a little frozen. Lookin’ at some TROPICAL color just wakes it back up.

To keep the b.Limey Journey going strong (since I can’t buy yarn EVERYDAY can I can I canI???) I’ve sifted through some of my photographs and have put them in a color Journal of their own. It isn’t much, but it is a simple Hue study of Number 4 Yellow-Green on the Color Wheel, using images I can relate to because I took them. Going back and looking at them in a series is a fun way to try and understand that strong mental realtionship I have with this hue. It has *It* for me – I am drawn to this color over and over again.

Since it is never seen in isolation but as a part of a whole, I can think about what makes it such a powerful creative SPARK in my brain…

Gallery b.Limey, if you please…

Thursday, March 3, 2005


What Classic Pin-Up Are You?

This is cracking me up because I have a few pieces of Brigitte memorabilia in the hut on permanent display! One of my prized possessions is a book from 1957 titled “and GOD Created Woman” by Raymond Boyer. This book has hundreds of B/W pictures from the movie by the same name and other shots from BB’s early career.

I found it in a used book store a long time ago when I was in a PhotoBook collecting mode. I knew nothing about Bardot but as they say, the pictures just spoke to me.

She has *It*.

I don’t have *It*. Most folks don’t have *It*. Every once in awhile, someone comes along who just has a love affair with the camera and we can’t seem to get enough! VOILA! The Pin-up!

AND, this door swings both ways. A woman I worked with had one of the best Male Pin-up Galleries, incognito, at work, that I’ve ever seen. There was a partial drop ceiling in her office that created a tiny little *wall* between her desk and her door at ceiling level. Here she hung her favorite GQ covers of her fancied HOLLYwooD mEN. It was months before I noticed it – you had to be sitting at or very near her desk and glance up to be Rewarded…

Yes, girls look too…

…I accidentally wiped out the comments to this entry – my apologies to all who posted!

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