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Friday, March 18, 2005

the Winner…

With a resounding margin, the Uber Marl button wins the b.Lime OFf! What is really funny, is I actually bought these buttons especially for this cardi at the same store I got the buttons for the Spencer Jacket. (If you are visiting the Rush St./Oak St. area, do not miss Tender Buttons! No affiliation, yadda yadda ydda). They are actually quite green, but subtle.

BUT, my confidence floundered, for no particular reason, happens alot in late winter, and I had to throw the gauntlet down on a couple of other button looks just to be sure. Thanks for helping!!!


I wouldn’t go as far as to admit to being a Collector, but I am an afficianado :) Over the years, I’ve amassed a pile or so, and can’t wait for better weather (what a tired-ass song this is becoming – my apologies) so I can go Flea Marketing in the outer counties for: BUTTONS!

Kane County: first weekend of the month, year-round

Lake Co: Every Second Weekend Each Month

DuPage Co: 3rd Sunday of the Month

Sandwich, IL: an antique market

Actually, I just like strolling around – but one SHOULD have an agenda, non? You could collect buttons your entire life and never even fill a drawer!

Aye, I hear the piper callin’ me to DuPage to wander about maybe Sunday…

More adventures in Buttons HERE

Thursday, March 17, 2005




Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


the Revenge of the Barn Yarn

Once in awhile, usually early in the morning, a sweater will jump into my lap. It is not whole. It is sadly lacking seams and bands, and even, buttons. It is BEGGING to be seamed; whining to be worn.

Why I can do these duties only in the AM is a mystery to me – but it’s always been like that, and I’ve stopped questioning the why and just go straight to the wherefores.

The Sweater Whining gets loud enough, at some point, to actually WEAR ME DOWN and VOILA!

A Mattress Stitch is made.

A band appears out of nowhere.

Buttons march in place like troops galore.

IT’s a Sweater!

And believe me the pitiful chant of this sweater was particularly LOUD! I think sitting in the Marination Chamber with all that Palace Merino I’ve been working on lately was giving the Barn Yarn an inferiority complex…

Perhaps being started last February and not finished until 13 months later in MARCH just was insulting to its barny little body.

I don’t know.

WHAT I do know is that, coincidentally, it is still COLD enough to wear this *Jacket*.

And I’m Glad…

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