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Friday, March 25, 2005

buttons, little Spring buttons…

Now that I’m done with one sleeve and over half of the first front of my Martha cardi, I can amuse and slack myself by once again pulling out the BUTTON BOX!

I love the multi-colored trims I’ve been seeing on many garments and am ready to take the plunge into extreme closure…


On the left you see the temptation: three different, brightly colored, vintage, (probably post WWII ?) novelty buttons. On the right, very modern, graphic 2k5 plastic buttons.

The design of the cardigan can flip either way – it is neotrad with a nice simple edge finish. I REALLY like those wild colored disks! I’ve had them for a long time and never really put them side-by-side but their diameters match (check), their saturations match (check) and they have a FOLLY all about themselves that make the sweater SMILE (check)! WHIMSY galore…

BUT the question remains – will I hate myself in the morning IF I freak out with all that COLOR!?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

rRRRhwwrr, a girl can’t stay down forever, rwwhrsheesh…

Not much knittin’ gettin’ done when your busy doctorin’…

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and fixes! I ended up having to do a complete System Restore because of a particularly heinous file that would not allow itself to be deleted.

AND that’s fabulous! Because now my laptop is running like a fine racecar! So this was actually the thing that booted me into some Spring Cleaning of the Geek sort. WHAT FUN!

But just as the computer was getting better, I actually got wasted by some kind of stomach flu. So far this winter, I’ve dodged that bullet but hey! on the 2nd day of Spring, what’s more merrier than a *personal, internal* overhaul by Mother Nature!

In the midst of all this MAL, arrives two friendly, happy things! A Fuzzy Scooby Doo pet from my friend Amy, and her son, Ben – thanks guys – I love scoob! AND, from the little bad Muse, aguil3sm.gif a couple of bags of really cheap Rowan All Seasons Cotton in the discontinued Safari color. WOOT! I’m feeling better already!

Tueday, March 22, 2005

uh, uh, uh…

Alrighty NOW! I’m doing Hard Labor with some Adware on my computer! Been infected by some mysterious varmit! Must search and destroy – no pain, no gain, etc. etc. etc. Let the healing begin…

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