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Thursday, February 10, 2005

all good fun fur goes to heaven and pouts…

Off with Its Thread Part III:

Even though the Midwestern Weather this time of year is enough to drive one either to sleep or drink, for me, it is the best excuse I’ve ever had to just KNIT ALL THE TIME… Why bother trippin’ over the grey skies and dreary temps when one can just FixIT?
hosted by the fabulous Alison

The Girl With the Pearl Earring” was such a dramatically slow flick, I was able to completely un-ravel my old project in record time while *watching* it. After I wound the yarn with my ball winder (like this), I skeined it with my swift (like this), then washed it. Here’s what I ended up with.


Hmmm… What’s that I spy on the Left? Although I ADORE this Noro Cash Iroha yarn, it is rather subdued by itself. This subtlety is what drove me to submit it to the tragedy of the Fun Fur collar on the original piece. I used GGH Fee – the funniest of all – not only is it furry, it has little sparkles throughout. I love it so, I could not bear to give it the heave ho and it is now living, for the time being, as a postElizabeathan collar on my Hat Mannequinn…

Back to that pile of yarn – the texture of the Iroha is really smoothe and shiny, in a rustic kind of way. I know, this doesn’t make total sense, but the yarn has a 40% silk content and even though the twist of the yarn is simple, the silk gives it glow. I wanted to contrast the subdued but shiny color with something dramatic and VOILA! the lovely pink yarn joined the mix.

It is lightweight Reynolds Candide in color # 153 – I used it doubled for a sweet little band along the front of a sweet little cardi…


This cardi is a modifed version of the Sitcom Chic Cardi. I changed the gauge and made it in pieces. I also scooped the neckline more because I didn’t have enough yarn to make the original pattern. The Candide is a basic wool spun yarn – it has a flat, no luster appearance and adds a *felted* texture to the smoothness of the Iroha. Yum – M

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