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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hosted by the fabulous Alison

hmmm…. This missed it’s Valentine’s date –
will it show up for the OSCARS!? You Betcha…
It’s all sewn up
but it still needs a neck(?)…

If you are like many Chicagoans, you are playing “Can You Outguess Ebert” right now. It’s Oscar week and our papers and airwaves are full of it.

And especially full of it is Roger himself! We love him; we hate him (although we might just have even more pointed feelings for one Richard Roeper, his partner – eeeUehh!) We resist the impulse to read his Movie reviews until that day finally comes when you’re about ready to go to the MegaPlex and have NO IDEA what’s out there because, these days, it seems like Holly-Wood is spittin’ ’em out like watermelon seeds at an August picnic.

I love the Oscars! It is another one of those quintessentially American moments of Sincere Insincerity that we do so well. The Drama! The Fashion! The Emotion! And, greater than it all, because, boys and girls, this is Capitalism at its finest, the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

And it is everywhere! The Oscars I mean – seen by billions (?) worldwide, we get to rub out shoulders for one night with the glitterati without even leaving the living room! I’ll be pulling my false eyelashes out of the mothballs for the event and dolling it up to the max! Hooray for Hollywood!

ANd hooray for Ebert! For the first time in my personal history, I AGREE with him ALL THE WAY! OUUUFff………

What does THAT mean…

1. Sure signs Blogging is OVER: the telecast’s producer keeps an Oscar Blog for our pleasure

2. Your ScoreCard – really- a PDF Ballot!

3. Enjoy the SuperStars Evolution of Style at the Oscars over the Years

4. Just how big is BIG BUCKS after the Oscars?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


In an ironic twist of fate, knitting this garment has not added to the GREY that is February but is LIFTING me out of the dullness!

Cassie, (she of the beautiful Central Park Gate Pictures), encourages us to EMBRACE the slower time that is this shortest month and become a…


This is a great idea! Although many mornings I feel like I’d rather just burrow further into the bed, I can instead, FOCUS on the projects I have going and Wrap Them Up! It’s the perfect time to look away from the Cabin Walls and look into what Could Be Done. In what would certainly be a first for me, I’ll have finished everything I started this Winter Season and go into the SPRING with a clean slate.

FRESH! Exciting…

Like Cassie (and her daughter), I was born in February (Bday a couple of weeks ago), and it makes me wonder just how important the Weather Seasons are to a baby. The first few weeks of my life, my mother tells me, I wore nightgowns that had a drawstring through the bottom, like a sack and then I was wrapped in a receiving blanket.

(SOUNDS a lot like the swaddling wraps of Tudor Times to me. YIKES! I recently finished reading “the Other Boleyn Girl” and one of the things that Mary Boleyn always does when she is alone with her infant is to remove her baby’s wraps so it can Kick Freely!)

So this year, I’m symbolically “throwing off the Wraps” and going to go quickly into the February Days that remain with Happy Hands & Feet!

And, but of course, a new Grey Sweater! The CableMe lies a blockin’ and is ready to be seamed and banded. I adore this yarn (Sweet Grass Wool) but it was too Barny for a simple steam finish and had to go to the Baths. I soaked the pieces in hot water in my washing machine (with a couple of tiny squirts of Dawn Dishsoap) for a few minutes, spun it out, rinsed with vinegar, spun, rinsed with plain water. Then I smoothed it out on my Blocking Rug and there she sits a dryin’…

FRESH. Exciting…

Monday, February 21, 2005

  Monday Morning Mirth  

I’m too TIRED to make a cover for my iPod so I went shopping instead~!

Check out what
these quick thinking *young* entrepreneur(s) did:


OR, how about THIS one?

not done YET!


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