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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

New Threads Wednesday


While it snowed snowed snowed this weekend,
I finished finished finished!

Just in time for Round Two of the January BlizWorks, I can get down to business in my new cardi worn with my black down vest. It actually hasn’t been too cold here – anything around 30 is my friend…

I am on a fringed collar binge – I couldn’t resist straight fringes on the cabled collar.

Here’s a CU of the pattern stitches – my favorite was the traveling ZigZag – no wagering if this MIGHT end up on another cardi :)

What Would I do Differently? I would probably add a little more shaping at the waist – I tried to do this with wide ribbing but given the STIFF nature of this yarn, it needed a little more oomph. (Makes great fringe though.)

This was the hardest color/texture to photograph – can’t wait for some great NATURAL light to take a REAL picture of this. I’ll probably be waiting until SUMMER and sweatin’ it to get it…

the Shazam Notebook is HERE

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