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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

just CableMe

Ah, history ignored is doomed to be repeated…

Last year, loosely around this time, (February 18th, 2004), I had a bout with Startitis. Now this was nothing like the flu I picked up a couple of weeks ago that had my innards strangled and made a keening wail pass my lips, but it was insidious all the same.

For the new knitters, (hi there, lil buddies !) STARTITIS is where you continually buy yarn and start a project, but never finish it. Piece(s) might accumulate all over your house, until you have a S*load of half-finished who-knows everywhere.

It appears that my Startitis is/might be tied to the WEATHER! After a weekend of 2 feet of snow and wounded ego (even after I shoveled out the 3 car garage that goes with me and my building mates condos, I couldn’t get my car, my JEEP, for chrisakes, out of the alley) I soothed my evil soul with a new – – – SLEEVE!~

This sleeve probably doesn’t win any startitis prizes, because it joins a finished Back. That Back has been lanquishing in the UFO Vault since last year, where it was discarded in favor of another Startitis Flame: the Fern sweater, and I believe, GIGI, which I actually finished.


I am already 2/3’s done with the sleeve and OH how I love this wool. It is from Montana Targhee Sheep and is organically processed.

From In Sheep’s Clothing pg 45: “the breed was a cross of Rambouillet rams and Corriedale x Lincoln/Rambouillet ewes (me – how’s that for animal husbandry!!!) — for high-quality apparel wool — extraordinary loft and elasticity — good shape retention and crease resistance.”

I am in love – it is so different from other wool (read Magpie Aran Tweed) that I’ve been using that it just caresses my hands as it passes through my fingers…


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