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Tuesday, January 18, 2004

meet my little NeoRetro Friend

Now that the single digit weather has driven me indoors and face first into this computer screen, I’ve had time to roust around my web site.

MISSING: whatever happened to Tweedy Bird?

I finished this jacket a while ago (ahem, end of October) and just never got around to taking it’s portrait. Afer wrestling with photos while it was in progress, I realized that DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. And, I wasn’t going to pull out ye olde film camera.


(Insert maniacal laughter here…) THAT would be so extraordinary, that even though Retro is trending all over the fashion pages, the thought of going back to the evil old days of film processing made me just stall and then dive for cover. But I think it would’ve made a better picture – digital has a very hard time capturing TWEED!

Still not the clearest shot on the planet, but you get the idea.

Loops Galore! Braid! A really great fiT! Even my family thought it was cool! I wore it to the Cathedral on Sunday after New Year’s with a fitted black skirt and knee high black boots. The guy at the parking garage gave me the *special* cheap rate to park my car even though it wasn’t time. I told him I’d pray for him…

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