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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

My Way: Chicago (ChicKnits Style)
What might happen if you come to my kinda town

The holidays might bring some…
They might bring you JOY!
For a long weekend past, I’ve was graced with a few and
now that they’re gone, it’s dull indeed.

Friday night was New Year’s Eve. In the ChicKnits Household, that can mean one of two things: low key housebound rockin’ around the Christmas tree or Pure Riotous Living. Eve 2005 was both: starting with a Bobby Darin (oh – he’s Mr. Smooth alright) video concert (Mack Is Back!) and then a mad dash to the Lakefront to watch the spectacular Fireworks Display the City of Chicago puts on over Lake Michigan.

Since my visitors were from Tiny Towns, I felt compelled to show them the Chicago Way. Now, this can be anything from Quick Draw Parallel Parking to leaving an ironing board in the street in front of your house to protect your shoveled-out parking spot. (Seriously, *Markers* are a whole sightseeing trip in itself – you would not believe what people use to *mark their spots* – but no snow this weekend cracked that fun.) There are thousands of things the Chicago Urban Dweller does that could tickle and amaze and/or terrify you all at ONCE!

My Way consisted of racing down to the Lakefront at about 11:45pm (it’s 3 miles from my house) and parking right on the Highway in a prime position directly in line with the barge out in Monroe Harbor that would fire off the Works! Ah – my guests were stunned and amazed that *I* would do this but were even more astounded when suddenly we were surrounded by hundreds more, and here is where I got to utter the ultimate, “Hey, it’s the Chicago Way!”

Thousands will park for the time it takes to watch the INCREDIBLY EXCITING and big budget Duo-Barge SHootOff of heart stopping BOOMing Showers of twinkling light that arc over the Lake and richocet off the high-rises. Boom diddaBOOm Boom BOOM!!! didda boom… (repeat chorus ’til end…)

By the first didda, everyone has left their cars and are now standing on the pavement with their champagne and cheers fill the air raining kisseyFace Galore and even the lone cop guarding the nearby exit shakes his head with PURE JOY!

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