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Thursday, January 20, 2005


The problem with reading historical novels in the middle of a dreary winter, is that the mind so thoroughly takes on the imagination of the author.

You are what you eat mentally, so to speak.

Fill your head with sonnets and you might start spouting poetry. Immerse yourself in a Tudor Romance Novel and all of a sudden you want to DANCE and wear JEWELS and glance coyly at the Bus Driver when you give him your fare…

I’ve been reading “the Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory, which is a historical novel about Mary, the sister of Anne Boleyn, first beheaded wife of Henry VIII. Now, why an unfettered independent female like myself would be totally engrossed in this period of time is a mystery to me. I’ll just say I enjoy history but hate slogging through actual history books. Reading this one (and “the Queen’s Fool” also by Gregory) has been an enjoyable glimpse into the Tudor Court with all of its excess and folly.

And boy oh boy do I need FOLLY! It is cold and grey and seems like a season without end at this time. I know, I know, it’s WINTER, just what did I expect?!

HENCE, the Royal Blue you see on the table above. It is destined, pre-arranged to be married before it’s a year old, joined in dowered bliss to the Revamped Shell from last week.

COLOR, like a last minute reprieve from the King when one’s head is already on the chopping block will save me! Will I be sent to a Nunnery for my folly? NAY, it will be back on the Bus for me and this brilliant hue, spreading joy like sunlit SKY along the way…

Hey, has anyone seen the BBC MiniSeries (directed by another Philippa, Lowthorpe, that is) of this book in the UK? Is it coming to America?

Richard Vine writes: “Mary’s story is bound up with Anne’s, giving us a fresh perspective on the Tudor court: a woman, who, even though she’s given the king the male heir he so desperately wants (albeit an illegitimate one), is marginalised after he’s bored with her, and forced to become her own sister’s chaperone and handmaiden. Though it doesn’t have the epic sweep of A History Of Britain, or indeed The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, the focus on the day-to-day machinations of court life is just as illuminating. In the margins of history, The Other Boleyn Girl is a story that allows the greater picture to breathe.”

HOT from the Photoshop Presses: The Tudor Queens and others had Badges and Mottos for banners and such. Spy my new personal logo and motto (a wise (wo)man can rule the stars) at upper right. This is supposedly the family motto of my Irish Kin…

Tuesday, January 18, 2004

meet my little NeoRetro Friend

Now that the single digit weather has driven me indoors and face first into this computer screen, I’ve had time to roust around my web site.

MISSING: whatever happened to Tweedy Bird?

I finished this jacket a while ago (ahem, end of October) and just never got around to taking it’s portrait. Afer wrestling with photos while it was in progress, I realized that DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. And, I wasn’t going to pull out ye olde film camera.


(Insert maniacal laughter here…) THAT would be so extraordinary, that even though Retro is trending all over the fashion pages, the thought of going back to the evil old days of film processing made me just stall and then dive for cover. But I think it would’ve made a better picture – digital has a very hard time capturing TWEED!

Still not the clearest shot on the planet, but you get the idea.

Loops Galore! Braid! A really great fiT! Even my family thought it was cool! I wore it to the Cathedral on Sunday after New Year’s with a fitted black skirt and knee high black boots. The guy at the parking garage gave me the *special* cheap rate to park my car even though it wasn’t time. I told him I’d pray for him…

Monday, January 17, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Chicago has become the premiere Dress Rehearsal for Broadway Shows before they hit the ground running in New York…

It’s a thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it and right now the whole City is enthralled by SPAMALOT, an Eric Idle, of Monty Python fame, creation. An All Star Cast, directed by Tony and Academy Award-winner Mike Nichols, includes David Hyde Pierce, Tim Curry and Hank Azaria, who work the boards with their fratured tale of knights and chivalry.

Thus, I bring you these to try out on your friends, foes and maybe that person stepping all over you on the BUS!


To construct a Shakespearean insult, combine one word from each of the three columns below, and preface it with ‘Thou’:

Column 1 .|. Column 2 .|. Column 3

artless .|. base-court .|. apple-john
beslubbering .|. beef-witted .|. barnacle
bootless .|. beetle-headed .|. bladder
churlish .|. boil-brained .|. boar-pig
clouted .|. clay-brained .|. bum-bailey
craven .|. common-kissing .|. canker-blossom
dankish .|. dizzy-eyed .|. coxcomb
droning .|. doghearted .|. codpiece
fobbing .|. elf-skinned .|. flap-dragon
gleeking .|. flap-mouthed .|. foot-licker
goatish .|. fly-bitten .|. fustilarian
impertinent .|. fool-born .|. gudgeon
jarring .|. guts-griping .|. harpy
loggerheaded .|. half-faced .|. hedge-pig
mammering .|. hedge-born .|. hugger-mugger
mewling .|. idle-headed .|. lewdster
pribbling .|. ill-nurtured .|. maggot-pie
puking .|. knotty-pated .|. malt-worm
puny .|. milk-livered .|. mammet
qualling .|. motley-minded .|. measle
rank .|. onion-eyed .|. minnow
reeky .|. plume-plucked .|. miscreant
roguish .|. pottle-deep .|. moldwarp
ruttish .|. pox-marked .|. mumble-news
surly .|. rump-fed .|. puttock
tottering .|. shard-borne .|. pumpion
unmuzzled .|. sheep-biting .|. ratsbane
venomed .|. swag-bellied .|. skainsmate
villainous .|. tardy-gaited .|. strumpet
weedy .|. unchin-snouted .|. whey-face
yeasty .|. weather-bitten .|. Wagtail

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