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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

For the very first time, I’ve participated in a SWAP! Last year, in January, I was at a meeting of the Windy City Knitting Guild, and it was the beginning of the fun. You took a numbered bag, that had yarn inside and the mission was to make the owner of the bag a HAT! I picked #27 – and this is what I made.

Last night was the Long-Awaited Exchange over at the Sulzer Library’s beautiful Community Room. I had yarn belonging to a lady named Connie (who unfortunately wasn’t present). So Laura Kochevar, our esteemed president, accepted and modeled the Bucket, then it was her turn to find out who was the recipient of Connie’s creation – which she had in tow… And, now what are the odds here, Connie had MY yarn! Here’s what she made me:


WOW – it is FABULOUS! AND, I was a total dork! I actually forgot what yarn I put in the bag! Connie added some scrumptious knobby colorful carry-along yarn and fancied it up so much that I DIDN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE IT! Brava!

Here’s the original yarn, some really DULL variegated mohair and TWO little Chenille Flowers Connie added to spice things up later, if wished.

It was great fun seeing all the masterful creations that popped out of those bags. Here’s the whole group that participated:


I wish I would’ve taken close-ups of all of the hats – they were outstanding! My favorite: Joy Davis’s mitered corner banded hat made from various variegated yarns belonging to Corinne Niessner. When you flipped the band to the inside, she’d knitted in the words “Blessings in 2005″…

Non-Hat News: in the Show’n’Share segment, Maureen Moran modeled her perfectly fabulous Elizabeth Collar made from baby yarn and angora. This creation is designed by the wonderful Kate Gilbert (of Clapotis fame) and you can get the pattern HERE, another marhvelous Gift Idea for under $10.00!

Merry Christmas O Warm & Wonderful Ladies of the Windy City Knitting Guild! Many thanks for all the Goodness of 2004 – the meetings, the workshops, the Snacks, the sharing of craft and most of all the Warm & Friendly Folks!

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