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Weekend, December 18 – 19, 2004

the Ghost of ChicKnits Christmas Past!
this list first seen in 2002

If you are a Professional Procrastinator like me, chances are a couple of people slipped between the lines of your Christmas List…

There is still hope – that is, if your friend is a knitter/wannabee knitter,
like YOU!


Top 10 List
of Last Minute Gifts

10. Make a pretty *Coupon for Knitting Lessons* from you…

9. Make a *How-to-Knit Kit* out of 2 – double pt needles (wrap a rubber band around one end so stitches don’t popoff) and a small ball of yarn and a little homemade coupon *Knit Lesson* (from you!) One set of Double Pts. will make 2 Kits!

8. Dig in your stash and find enough yarn (combine more than one if you need to) and make a *Scarf Kit* with the yarn needles. OR, call it a *Hat Kit* and felt a hat together…

7. Get a Spray Bottle, Heavy-Duty Straight Pins and a couple of nice cotton towels, include directions, wrap and call it a *How to Block Kit*.

6. Get an inexpensive 4’x6′ Indian Type Rug and label it *the Ultimate Blocking Rug* including directions.

5. Make a coupon for *Learn Finishing Techniques* if you know how to Mattress Stitch, Three-Needle Bind-off, and Chain Stitch. Three lessons at your pleasure…

4. Make coupon good for *Seam the Newbie’s Sweater* because this is a daunting thing for most people to do and that’s what friends are for.

3. Really suck it up and Make a LARGE coupon good for *Total Finishing of the Sweater of Your Choice* which would include blocking, seaming, banding, buttons, etc. Of course, this is worth millions and lifetime devotion so be very very careful…

2. Get a wonderful *Steamer* like this if you don’t have one get one for yourself as well) for finishing – it is a million times better than an iron and will send your finishing into orbit!

1. Break the bank($35.00) and make a person a coupon for *Membership in the Fiber Art Shop’s Online Video Knitting Classes* – you register, pay and pass the password on the coupon. These are very cool…

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