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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

a Tale of Two Sleeves

Most people I know who LOVE to knit sweaters HATE to knit sleeves! For me, it signals the stage in the project when the Honeymoon is over and when Marital Counseling might become necessary…

This time around on 2 of my WIPs, I’m trying something different. On 2 different sweaters, I have two seperate sleeves on the needles. One is the Shazam Cardi and the Other is a Ribby. When I get tired of one, I switch to the other and WOOT! It’s (sortof) cured my 7-year Itch, to borrow a phrase…

I thought for those of you who are knitting the Ribby as your first sweater, you might enjoy seeing a little comparison.

WHAT’s UP with those Ribby Sleeves?

YUP! They’re really skinny! That’s because the ribbed pattern wants to scrunch itself all up when it’s in a relaxed, unworn, position. You can’t see any of the hills and valleys of the rib – which is weird! It almost looks like bumpy Stockinette st.

It also looks alot smaller than the non-ribbed sleeve.

But now the FUN happens – you just love FUN don’t you!?

If you slighty stretch the Ribby sleeve, you see that it is the same size as a normal, non-ribbed sleeve. WHEW!

Now I understand why some people on the #66 think I’m knitting a scarf when I’m wailing away on my commute!

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