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Tueday, November 30, 2004

my Cordovan Sanity: a Ribby Cardi

RUN FOR COVER! IT’s the last day of November! I’m duckin’ my bucket covered head to avoid that CHRISTMAS RUSH BULLET!

Everywhere I go, to and from work, through the Miracle Mile of North Michigan Ave. are reminders of the SEASON: shoppers

Starting with the Festival of Lights a couple of weekends ago, where 1.5 MILLION people witnessed Santa coming to Chitown, and continuing with the Day After shopping carnival, I’ve been a hoola-hoop around shoppers and tourists. Watch me work a crowd! Whether I’m on the #66 (which goes straight thru Shopping Central by Water Tower AND the American Girl Store) or working the local Home Depot doing a “How to Buy a Christmas Tree” story, I’m a circulating and percolating through the masses. (BTW, the HDespot had some really FINE and cheap Xmas trees – the smell alone is worth the price of admission.)

I’ve bought nothing, nada, nyet.

I actually went into the local Walgreen’s with a coupon for an $.89 Revlon lipstick in my hot little hand (truly needed a *Wine with Everything* to start my Holiday right!), but was CRUSHED to crumbs when they told me it was a 3-hour coupon and I’d missed by 15 minutes. AH the cruelty of the Season…

Second best cruelty – the company Christmas Party – to go or not to go?! We are having a rather swank soiree in a glamorous hotel. BUT, it is on a Friday night. AND, I’m usually in a parka and BOOTS! (How the heck am I gonna find time to duck into a phone booth and presto changeOH!)

And so it begins!

The Holiday Fantasy Garment!~

What kind of fun would I be having if I didn’t have NEW CLOTHES for Christmas!

Corner #1: Parka, boots and thick wool socks.

Corner #2: Beautiful, glamourous Cocktail Barbie! Wearing (in this dream puff, anyway), sleek fitted trousers, maybe these pumps, and a PONCHO!

Sheer, modern and a little naughty…

Out of this:


OOOOHHH it’s madness, I tell you… $.89 Lipstick paired with $500.00 shoes!!!

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