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Monday, November 29, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  


ONE-Stop Shopping! A lovely selection of framed Wall Art available at the Dollar City Plus, 17xx W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL. Everything you need to freshen the Kidz Room then spark up the Den…

It wouldn’t seem possible that by moving 100 feet to the East of where I stand every morning would open up for me a brand new horizon. Yet when the Chicago Transit Authority changed my Bus Stop to the corner across the street, they perched me in front of a WONDERLAND of Pennies from Heaven.

One Hundred Pennies, that is. One Dollar.

Now, I spend my 10 minutes or so waiting in front of the finest East Village has to offer. Some of these joints actually have the word DOLLAR in the name – like the Dollar General, where the lovely pictures above are found. Others are just named after the Proprietor or have a name that no matter how it’s spelled sounds like *Save-a-Lot*.

Now, these are not the Super Franchise Dollar stores you see all across the highways of MidAmerica. No, my friend, no BIG LOTS, Family Dollar, etc. for us in the East Village of Chicago. These are home-grown palaces of spend, each tinkered to delight the neighbors who might shop there. I love them! (My personal favorite is the D&S Yo-Yo shop over on Milwaukee Ave.)

Here I have found:
Dish Drainers
Scrub Brushes
Plastic Bags
the very best Bleach Gel to clean the Kitchen Counter free of Dye Spillage
Picture Frames for Parties
Party Decorations
Small Wicker Baskets for projects
Fig Bars to die for
X-brand Potato Chips from a famous Chicago Maker
Oh and don’t forget for the Holidays –
that famous Picture of Al Pacino

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