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Thursday, November 25, 2004


It’s not a tradition at this traditional time of year. But it seems that life reflection will sneak up on you all the same. You’ll be going about the routine of your days and then

In the middle of an icy downpour while driving on the Interstate, you’ll be thankful for the brakes that are working in your car.

When you stop on the ramp where the highway splits and the trucks whizzing by are making your car shake, you’re thankful for the passenger in your car who calmly pulls out the map and tells you you took the right turn and it’s safe to go.

When you run for the building at your destination, you suddenly realize how thankful you are that you have warm boots to be able to move through the sleet and snow.

Going back towards your city, when the blizzard strikes, it strikes you how wonderful it is that the Semi-Truck Drivers will piggyback in a snow storm and you’re thankful that by following them, you’ll be able to tell where the road is.

Once you reach a point where you will have to stop driving and continue working outside, when the driving snow and ice is soaking your clothes through and making your pants freeze to your legs, you’ll be thankful and almost faint with relief when your partner hands you the wool hat you threw on the dashboard. Because he noticed it was now warm and dry from the heater, it fits your head but feels like a healing envelope for your whole body, as you tie your hood over it.

At that moment, when you are staring up in the dark stormy sky at a 60 ft antenna you’re trying to control, you surrender to thanksgiving because you remember the parent at the school meeting you just attended, who sorrowfully asked the School Board President why he didn’t do something about the weapon threats last summer, when this day, 7 children are stabbed in a local High School.

You surrender to the thought, that on this day, today, you will respect the people and things that you normally take for granted and you promise to do the same as day follows day, so that in the coming year, thanks giving will be the only thing you’ve taken for granted.


the little hat that could (the version above made from soft handspun wool so it drapes more like a beret)

Thank you, everyone, for making ChicKnits such a pleasure and delight for me this past year!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

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