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Thursday, November 18, 2004

In honor of the extreme business marriage of our friend
and inner city buddy, Kmart, I bring you, straight from
the SUPER Kmart purse department @Ashland Ave…

TADAAA!~ (or taduh, depending on your taste)


My NEW Knitting Bag!!!

Those of you who have wearied of my Pleather Payless Minucci tote, can now sing with joy or scream with relief?! I love this thing~! It has three areas inside – so I can conveniently put other essentials all up in there. I especially like the closure – a punched shape, hanging from a metal ring with a hole that fits over a knob. Did I mention, it’s PLAID!

I don’t carry a purse.

This is it.

And there is plenty of room for two knitting things at atime and my makeup. Lately, I’ve been on a Bucket Binge and have been working on Shazaam. The Back is finished and I’m onto the right front.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


NOW that the Tweedy Bird Cardi AND the Twoncho are finished, I can branch out over some new Horizons. Over the weekend, I fired up the DYEpot once again and put forth more skeins from my rescued eBay yarn.

I was going for the shade found in my favorite T-shirt and a shade of blackberry from my favorite commercial sweater. The burgundy is spot-on; the blackberry is a little light, but overall, it’s a done tonal match…

It’s amazing to me, with my photographic background how different color is when you mix pigments. My experience is in mixing light. I can walk into almost any space and tell you its color temperature.

I can’t tell you shade percentages.

Additive versus subtractive color spaces are two different beasts. I’m an Additive Amazon but a Sophmoric Subtractive.

Even after two workshops, I’m still crawling around sucking my thumb on this one – slowly, I’ve been able to garner some webbage info, but this has to be a hands on thing. You can only go so far without gettin’ DIRTY…

Monday, November 15, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  


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