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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

the evidence is clear…

My Second GoRound with the Dye Pot that
is big enough to swallow Toronto

is a TIE!

I actually dyed a sweater! Remember this? A lovely yarn, done in a lovelier pattern, both of which were SERIOUSLY NOT meant for each other. Looking back on it, I feel like I do about some of the Boyfriends of My Past: Really Cute and Fun to Touch, but as Time went along, as it is wont to do, it just became Get Off Me!

I even relegated this sweater to Work Patrol – where it confused and mystified the public – they wanted to like it but something was just not right…

SO INTO THE DYE POT it went! Seriously inspired, as always, by the Fiber Stylings of one Claudia B, I had to try again, this time adhering religiously to the instructions that came with the dyes…

>> today’s Dirty Little Secret:

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to fly down to Maryland for something called the Sheep & Wool Fest…

While waiting to board our plane, my boon companion, Theresa W, and I had coffee et croissant. I was so Proud. So Stylin’. So in possession of one hand covered in BLUE dye that was coming off my *cool* sweater.

Two days before, I’d dyed the very same garment from above NAVY in an attempt to get it back on the runway. I remember that time my water wasn’t clear (which means the dyeing was incomplete; the dye bath was not EXHAUSTED, it must’ve only been yawning) but I ignored THAT and went my merry way…

So my cool Wool Fest sweater was kept out of site (and off of any white Hotel Furniture) the entire trip! How I longed to tell my Fiber Buddies about my dyeing adventure! How I hid the evidence in my suitcase afraid dye particles would spontaneously jump out and land on everyone freckling them with navy blue dots that would spread and we’d all end up looking like something from a Celtic nightmare!

This perhaps worked to my advantage on Dye Attempt #2. I figured, since the dye on that sweater wasn’t set, maybe I could overdye it once more and get a non-traveling result…

I mixed two parts Dark Red to one part Yellow, and WHOOSH:


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