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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Today ONLY! More mixed metaphors than ever before!

As a Phd. candidate from the School of Hard Knocks, I’ve learned that even though you can’t make a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear, you can make Suede!

Witness these lovelies

Last year, I made a beautiful Rowan Design called Tallulah. I saved my dinero until I had enough to ransom the requisite Magpie Aran Tweed yarn in a sumptous color called “Brazil”. It is the deepest burgundy with little tweed highlights here and there subtly calling out even more dimension from the yarn itself…

I ripped this sweater back to the bone last year and re-skeined the yarn.

WHY waste an entire season’s work and effort? THE YARN! Even though it’s lovliness and beauty is unquestioned, it was not the right yarn for this design. TOO HEAVY. Too dense. Fell right off my body when I wore it the ONE time it went out on the runway.

While I was getting my Master’s Degree at the SoHK’s last year, I tried to use the re-cycled yarn in a frisky version of Mrs. CB’s Camp Jacket, that I call Miss BB (daughter of CB, ahemm). I got as far as one sleeve then, SHAZAM!

Still NO GOOD! Still trying to make a formal, elegant, gourmet piece out of a corn-on-the-cob type of fiber. A Fiber so Hearty it could go out and milk the cows in the morning!

ZIP and rip again. NO REGRETS!

BECAUSE, it’s finally met it’s destiny.


What this yarn and yarns like it are meant for are hard working, field hiking, fishing boat JACKETS!

So off I go to the ChicKnits Bookshelve to dive and delve into my Cable Pattern Collection. Starting out with my cherished Gladys Thompson Patterns for Guernsys Jerseys & Arans, I spy the cable ribbed beginnings on many of the sweaters and My VERSION is born!

In my last foray into the world of Aran Knitting, when a little design called Lovie was born, I used a little 5-stitch design called the Coin Cable. I love that little Coin – it is dimensional without being bulky – just flat and sasssy.

I used a 3-stitch version of it here and because I couldn’t find it in my library of stitches anywhere, I’ve named it in honor of a co-worker who, when I ask him to break a $20.00 for Bus Fare for the #66, always snarls, “Whatzthematta with you, I don’t carry no chump change” as he pulls a wad of $50’s & $100’s out of his pocket. I always ask anyways because I love lookin’ at all that moola!

I give you the:

ChumpChange Cable
(worked over 7 stitches)

Rows 1 & 3 (WS): K2, P3, K2

Row 2 (RS): P2, gently slip next stitch off of left hand needle and hold in front of work, slip next 2 sts to Right Hand Needle, slip 1st st, then the 2 sts back onto Left Hand Needle, K all 3, P2

Row 4 (RS): P2, K3, P2

Dirty Little Secret: did you realize you just cabled WITHOUT a NEEDLE! Congratulations!!! You didn’t even have to buy the book…

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