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Thursday, September 30, 2004

unblocked front pieces of a Ribby Cardi

Knitting on the #66 is always a challenge
(and somtimes a spectacle).

Spy the little knitted pieces above and the unkowing, unknitting eye would see…


Lately, my new Bus Mate has been a test Ribby Cardi; so far, the fronts, and 1.75 sleeves are done.

Last night on my way home from work, a fellow passenger took more than a passing interest in my work. His Happy Hour, I believe, had been going on since maybe Lunch and now it was Dinnertime, and like millions of inebrieated folk who’ve gone before, it was time to SING! About my SCARF!

SO, standing in front of my seat, he sort of sang over me, “K1P2”, over and over…

(YES! The universal Mantra of Knitting is KNOWN and revered, in every Urban NOOK & Cranny on the GLOBE! I can just SEE it in my mind’s eye – after every CUB VICTORY, in every tavern in the City, the mugs held high, the crowd swaying back and forth, singing softly, K1P2, K1P2…)

Did this have the intended effect on me (which I assume was to enable me to relax and provide a metronome like cadence so I could knit the *Scarf* faster…)?

Well, no… IT DIDN’T!

Because I’d reached my breaking point on the concept of ye olde *K1P2*!

Where the heck have you ever SEEN this combination worked on a sweater!?~

K2P2, maybe. The Ribby above is 2x2x3x1 ribbing.

But, K1P2? Please enlighten me and HELP ME get back on the bus today…

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