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Monday, September 27, 2004

  Monday Morning Mirth  

Mimi writes: “Was just reading your notes about weddings….what the heck is a chicken dance? I’m from Chicagoland and I’ve never heard of it…”

Because ChicKnits is HOME of all things Groovy about the MIDWEST! (People, regional PRIDE!) I present
(no drumroll necessary, but some snaps might do!):

NOT the Hokey Pokey; not the Bunny HOP!

The Chicken DANCE!


Formation: One large circle centered in the middle of room.

lst sequence — Four snaps(thumb and fingers up in air)
2nd sequence — four flaps(arms go up & down, elbows bent)
3rd sequence — four wiggles(hips and knees bend low)
4th sequence — four claps
–skip around the circle when the music changes to the slower beat, then repeat the steps above when the music changes back to the first sequence.

Now, maybe I’m part of some Low Culture Generation Gap but call me SENTIMENTAL – this dance has been done at almost every wedding I’ve been to, $$$$, no $$$, even on a boat on Lake Michigan where an Irish guy married a Puerto Rican Lady (who’s relatives pinned money all over her dress for the right to dance) and everybody CHICKENED!

GRANTED: this is NOT the lovely First Waltz of the Evening between the Newly Marrieds, but hon, after a couple of POPS! you are flappin’ your wings!

Care to DANCE! What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a wedding?


the SWISS are the authors of this Party Phenom

da Music: hit this and don’t blame me if it stays with you all day!

How widespread is this flap? Kids – there’s even a Chicken Dance ELMO!~

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