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Wednesday, September 1

Split Knitting Personality: knitter who really enjoys using machine knitting and hand knitting in the same sentence, oh, same garment!

If you’ve been a subscriber of any of the knitting tomes, sooner or later you’ve come across an article about the Process vs. Project (I think I got that right) Schools of Thought about Knitting.

Some knitters just enjoy the Process of the deed itself – the stitch by stitch relaxation, watching the garment Grow under your hands, the visceral, organic connection one makes with FIBER…

The Project Folk are goin’ for the Gold – a race to that new jumper! Something to brighten up the grind of the Daily Landscape – a Fashion Statement that needs to be spoken sooner rather than later…

I would put myself 99% smack dab in the Project group. I consider my Stash and the End Results of my Labor as PURE WARDROBE ENHANCEMENT! If I’m not going to wear it, I won’t waste my time making it.

This does NOT, however, mean I don’t ADORE the Process.
I am truly under its spell…

How I get that hot little item in my hands is where the Split Knitting Personality comes in…

Hand Knitting — Process
Machine Knitting — Product

ADD the two together and VOILA!


Nothin’ crazy about that!

AND nothing too far afield of the Sanctity of the Process…

After I machine knit the Stockinette parts of the garment, they are all finished by hand knitting.

Many people refer to their hand operated Knitting Machines as Stockinette Looms – and believe me, while you’re moving that carriage back and forth manually there is a *weaving* type vibe going on. Instead of stitch-by-stitch knitting that is accomplished with traditional needles, you are making row-by-row progress.

to be continued

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