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Weekend, September 18 -19, 2004



the Renegade Craft Fair

Saturday & Sunday
September 18 – 19, 2004
10:30am – 5:30 PM
Wicker Park



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Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


Give Midwestern Kids the wide open Atlantic Ocean and what do they do?

GO for the SAND!

Our FaM got wild and crazy on the beach when we were on vacation in NC and we made an

Egyptian icon

Friday, September 10, 2004

la Fleur de Fluffa: Completed Back

Sooner or later in your Journey down the Fiber Highway, you’re gonna need a Friend.
A Friend that maybe knows the answer;
a friend that’s traveled down that bumpy Road.

You know the Road I’m talking about. Whether it’s some technique that’s strangling your output because it’s just too weird to be believed or a funkay pattern dialogue that needs something much larger than you, your finger and Babelfish or a yarn content that Just Says NO to being blocked, chances are there is SOMEONE out there who will KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Has been there BEFORE infact and can relight your fire for ya…

sequinK writes: “Oh my,… I made the same sweater in the same yarn AND same color!! I love it, and Silvia’s right — it’s a hot little number!

Yeah Yeah WOOT! I am DELIVERED! I’ve had fits of starting and stopping with this beautiful design since I birthed it on a Startitis Sunday late this winter. As usual, I can’t leave well enough alone and had to:
Upsize It
Use a different Yarn from what the Pattern called for
Use a different Gauge from what the Pattern called for
Hate the sleeve caps enough to, you guessed it, REDRAW the curves once again…

But here was #25, finished, in all its GLORY! ready to inspire and gently paddle my A** to the finish line!

I need that sometimes; OK, I need that alot. I am fickle! I will start then drop any project ANY time…

I was especially stalled, because in this color (a deep sortof Indigo, very hard to photograph), it was very hard for me to visualize what it would look like. Now I am charmed and AMAZED!

So for a little Friday Inspiration, grab a cup and go HERE and visit Ms. SequinK’s GLORIOUS FO’s

As FATE would have it, Ms. sequinK also has a Silver Reed LK-150 – check out this cool poncho, which I’ve dubbed the “Here I Come Poncho” teeheehee…

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