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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

help me, I’m a slave of SBC!!!
Mondays are my least favorite day of the week.

It’s just too hard to say good-bye to the 2-day fling that was the weekend. Two days is just long enough for me to start to think, that perhaps, I am a Lady of Leisure…

Mondays always have the slowest start and always drag to an even slower end.

I don’t require a lot of myself on Monday nights because I know I just won’t be able to pull it off. For instance, I used to be in an acapella singing group up at Old Town School of Music, but finally had to quit because, gasp, it didn’t get started until 8PM and I was a wiggly, off-key, over-vibrato’d alto by 8:15!

So it came as no surprise that I didn’t even get around to reading my email until around 7 last night. Or, should I say, attempting to read my email.

My phone line was deader than an Igor/Kilmousky mouse in MA…

No internet. No email. No funsies on the blog…

I HATE SBC! Not only did I have to wait 6 whole weeks when I moved into my place to get service established, but now, while establishing the service of my new neighbor downstairs, they cut off mine!

Living through over an hour and a half on my cell phone to get the measliest, meager, stingy, rude service has put me in a gigantic SNIT! An over-the-top don’t want to wait all day for the Serviceman Snit. A Snit of Proportions so Gigantic if SBC Spokesman TOMMY LEE JONES materialized right now before my very eyes, I’d arm wrestle him into submission until he rolled over like a limp little chihuahua kicking his tiny feet in the AIR! (Also hate those quasi-political, back-patting, self-serving HORRIBLE ADS SBC runs continuously here – HEY! -how about spending some of that advertising $$$ improving your service and training your techs>!)

So the time has come, my dear knitting friends, to lose the landline and get WIRED…

Your favorites?????

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