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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Boogity! Boogity! Boogity!


After a nasty delay at the beginning of my NCarolina Trip, the Urban Pshawl is back on track. Methinks the Urban-ness of the Pshawl threw a hissy fit and just refused to go to the Country!

You think your projects don’t have a mind of their own! Heh heh heh heh…

I drove up to Tustin, MI to hook up with my boon driving companion, Mrs CB, (better known in these parts as *MOM*), on Saturday, with the UPs in tow. I had less than 4 pattern repeats to go on one piece and the very simple neck trim. No fuss; no mess. Knock it out while we watch a movie – I brought along “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” to kick off the festivities…

Pshaw! goes the little Cream Pshawl! I will not be DONE!

All of a sudden I realized, I was running out of yarn, and had NOT packed the last skein! I was almost 300 miles away from that purdy little ball of yarn and I was hung out to dry!

Vainly, I tried to high groove it out, and fudged and tricked the Pshawl onto the track and towards the finish line. I ripped back a couple of rows of each last pattern repeat to get some yardage for some Splash-n-Go; but BLACK FLAG! I still had the neckline and some bottom trim to finish from where I split the original looong rectangle to make two.

So back into the bag went the Little Pancaked UPs, and out it came last night – no more Dirty AIR – just some reworking of the *fixes* I tried to pull off last weekend.

Out came the Steam Iron after I laid out each piece on a folded quilt on my bed. I went over each piece thoroughly with the steam then let it cool and rolled it up on a cardboard tube left over from paper towels. First I rolled an old hand towel around the tube, then the knitted piece. This will keep it nice and blocked until I have time to seam it up.

Grandma used to do this with freshly ironed linens…


How’s your NASCAR lingo? Take this QUIZ

WTF is Boogity! Boogity! Boogity?

Who are our Presidential Hopefuls wooing?

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