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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

All Gone to L@@K for America – ahemm – Dale Jr…

OK, now you all know this to be true: like most folks that are part of the Y2K Knitting Revolution, I knit while I’m watching, GASP, Television!

That’s right! No programming is safe from my remote, the least safe being (in the last year): NASCAR racing!

Oh gentle reader, there is nothing like the thrill of the engine while you’re zipping through the rows – the helmet cams, the hairpin turns, the pit stops, the DRIVERS!

Knitting and NASCAR were meant for each other – I truly believe I knit faster and better with that BUZZard soundtrack whining in my head…

And who do we love the MOST
on the NASCAR Hottie inner circle??

Imagine my delight, after struggling for a couple of hundred of miles on the winding twisting mountain turns of Interstate 77, in being rescued by none other than that Bleached Blonde Bad Boy, DALE Jr!

I was busy working, for the entire Road Trip TO Camp Lejeune, NC, on the Big Blue BizChic Cardi, seaming and knitting, picking up stitches and marking, using my whole arsenal of knitting accessories, which just kept disappearing into the door well exactly when I needed to put my hands on them.

We stopped for gas in, I believe, Woodlawn/Hillsville, Virginia, and there HE WAS! – all bright and shiny, right by the cash register, ripe for the first vacation souvenir purchase.

So along came Dale Jr. on our adventure, becoming THIS.

No more fumbling for the needle gauge finder (although I did have to cut it in half to fit it into the case), no more grasping blindly into the depths of my bag trying to fish out a stitch marker, just everything in its place, at the ready for that next big PIT STOP on the fly speeding toward the Finish Line and that B/W checkered flag.

AND, did you know, Dale Jr. is North Carolina born and bred? Just perfect! Even though we were headed for the other side of the State, it was good to have a Homeboy on board…

THIS question remains: when in the world did he start DYEING his HAIR???

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