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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

oh L@@K, it’s!
your Fashion Future along N. Michigan Ave.


ANIMAL PRINTS mixed with florals, faux jewels,
Aunt Mimi Suits, you name it…

PONCHOS, Ponchos, ponchos!!!

Variegated long wrap sweater worn
with a FEDORA!


Juicy Couture does
PINK (& brown & fuschia) ACCESSORIES:
hats, bags, belts and SHOES!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Onde = Wave = Ombre

pick up the mic and OndeAlong!


Although the best thing about my recent Road Trip to North Carolina was being with my Fam and THE MOUNTAINS(!) the second best thing was the Knitting.

I rented a Ford FOCUS from Hertz and my Mom & I split the driving. I did the RustBelt Circuit through Michigan and Ohio and Mom did the driving through the more rural areas.

This was my time to KNIT.

On the way down, I worked on the BizChic Cardi. On the way home, I worked on my ONDE. Smooth Stockinette Stitch was the order of the day as mile after mile sailed by and the Right Piece just grew and grew. From the early morning, when we went through the misty gap near the foot of Jellico Mountain, where Tennesee joins Kentucky, it was perfect auto-pilot stitchery. We were listening to some SMOKIN’ Blue Grass progams on Sunday morning out of Knoxville, TN. Never before in my life (and I’ve been a lifelong fan) has this music made more sense to me than to hear it in the hills from whence it began…

The melodies, the rhythms, the unique instruments, the lyrics, all blended to soar and amuse in a way it just never does when I’m driving on the Dan Ryan Expressway up North. For most of the trip, coming and going, we stuck to the low power FM stations through 7 states and all I have to say is THANK YOU NPR!!!

By the time we got to mid-Ohio and it was time for me to drive again, I had made it just past the armhole split on this gigantic piece that encompasses half-back and half-front.

I finished the *piece* last night and to my extreme delight, watched with wonder as the WAVE of the Right and Left pieces matched up perfectly!!!

YES! I was skeptical! There were a few knots in one of the balls for the Left Body Piece and I was worried there would be tears and whining BIG TIME in the Windy City when it all was said and done. But no – it is wonderful – I did take the time to measure off the same amount of yarn when casting on both pieces (actually wrote it down when I started) so I would lessen the odds of mismatch.

What’s Left: Collar, Belt and seaming…


the Temptress:
Le Gilet Long
Effet “Tie & Dye”

read the Complete OndeAlong HERE

Monday, August 16, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth


OH! For the Love of MONKEY! my wallet, yes does open…

This little buddy found it’s way into my knapsack at the Retro @Rosco Street Fair Saturday.

It is a refrigerator magnet made from a bottle cap.

It is also a COLLAGE!

That’s right, Ms. Jeanmarie Petro painstakingly, lovingly, cut out the little shapes needed to make this one-of-a-kind MONKEY SHINE!!!


YOU can find Miss Jeanmarie at WEENER WARE, the studio she runs with her cool partner, Barbara Tinger!

WW will also be at the Bucktown Arts Fest
August 28-29, 2004


the Renegade Craft Fair
(Wicker Park, home of our very own KIP!!!)
September 18-19, 2004

If you’re visiting Chicago this Summer
go to the Chicago Cultural Center at 79 E Washington
and get some Weener at the Art*o*mat!


“What is an Art*o*mat?”

“Created in 1997, Art*o*mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art.

Currently, there are 71 ACTIVE MACHINES in museums and various locations throughout the country.”

Find an Art*o*mat near you.

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