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Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday Morning Mirth 




Continuing my everlovin’ delight with the Summer that is Chicago

I bring you the Trinity Dancers!

These Irish Lasses are all the global rage and to see them on a small stage in the middle of the Roscoe Village neighborhood was quite delightful!

I didn’t even put out the edict for green but some of these Celtic adorned outfits just screamed b.LIMEY! The motifs on the costumes were wonderful crosses and knotwork – check out the site for more delightful CU’s – and click on the pictures below for more fun!

trinity_princess_kickSM.jpg spacer.gif
trinity_feetSM.jpg   trinity_princess_jumpSM.jpg

Friday, August 20, 2004

Woman on the VERGE of a New Threads Friday
and to prove I can’t do anything in a direct way, I’m binding off the last stitches of my Urban Pshawl even as I write this…

My fascination with my knitted projects, in typical late summer fashion, ebbs and flows in equal parts love and disdain. A Sine Wave of positive and negative charge – AC Knitting Electricity, if you please…


I need to be more linear and travel that Stitchery Circuit in a direct fashion…

And there-in lies the problem: ahemmm, FASHION!

I see sweaters on the street, on the rack, AND, now that it’s becoming, for real, Sweater Weather, on display in all of the Local Yarn Palaces…


I ran into We’ll Keep You in Stitches yesterday to snag some 24″ circs to finish the Pshawl neckline and what do my gluttonous eyes spy?

The new Fall 2004 Adrienne Vittadini pattern book! WOOT! IMHO, this design house (anybody out there know WHO the actual knitwear design genius is?) puts out the BEST, bar none, collection of patterns every season. (To say I’m seriously underwhelmed by the Fall offerings at Vogue & IK is an understatement…)

AND, as I was checking out, I saw these hand crafted Birch Needles by the register (let’s hear it for IMPULSE PURCHASING YAY!!!). Actually, just what I needed to whip out some Super Bulky Scarves without beating myself to death with my other pair of looooong #19 needles. These are from the folks at Lakewood Needle Co. in Milwaukee, WI.


(20 min. later…)
the Urban Pshawl is FINISHED!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

More Sublime b.LIME


Back into the Garden we go, and things start to get a little tricksie…

Your pixelated pixie eyes do not deceive!

That is indeed, INTARSIA around the neckline of the Trellis Shell.

I became intrigued by lattice lace around the proposed V of the neck but what if…


That is how the wacky AQUA became a part of this equation in the first place!

The LIME, even in it’s splendiferous BRIGHT GLORY was actually just too boring on its own…

Now it sings FIESTA! Partay! Sexay! Come On & Dance, all you red-headed girls!


Lattice Lace DETAIL

Intarsia DETAIL
from the Wrong Side

Read the Complete b.Limey Notes HERE

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