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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

a ChicKnits Dirty Little Secret Presentation

In order to keep my 3attaTIME WIP Rule in effect, sometimes started objects have to hit the sidelines. It’s usually a fluke of the weather that gets them there – they’ve become too hot to handle or too difficult to manage.

Dirty Little Secret: just too darn boring…

Just so they won’t feel too impossibly rejected, I’ve gotten something to hold them, lovingly, in plain sight in my living room. This pretty leather chest was purchased to be a footstool but it had a greater purpose in store.

You’d be surprised how many UFOs I can stuff in there and it is only about 12″ high x 18″ long!

Saturday, I begin a great ROAD TRIP adventure. My family and I are going to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina to stay with my nephew for a week. He is in the Marines and stationed there before he ships BACK out to the place that will not be named here. We’ve rented a lodge on Onslow Beach and will be enjoying Nature – the Ocean – each other – for about a week.

Gawd! I hope my mother and I don’t really get on each other’s last nerve during two days straight of driving!

About two days ago, I heard distinct rumblings coming from the Chest of Dreams. “Take me!” was a muffled plea I heard. “NO – Take MEEEEE – I’ll be more fun” wafted into the air…

So I’ve made this pile and am just plain stymied about which little Buddy(s) get to enjoy the Tennessee and other road sites in store:

click on garments to see details…

HELP!!!! Me Pick a Roadside Friend?!!! Any and all weather suggestions also greatly appreciated…

What’s it like at night on the Ocean? Will I be able to wear my Lacy Poncho???

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