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Wednesday, July 14, 2004



I couldn’t resist this wonderful color when I saw it in the store on the rack. It had the freshness of spring, the excitement of a summer day, the COLOR of…


Ogerific, I say, the more the merrier!

Anyone who’s ever been out yarn hopping with me can attest to the fact that after I walk into a store – any yarn store – anywhere – I will walk in a straight fast line quickly to the first LIME I spy.

Like a bee to the pollen, I BUZZ and adore, court and fondle, and with great effort, push off and try to inspect and appreciate something else.

Sometimes, the attraction is too strong – and GLADLY, I ended up with this hot, hot, hot color just made to order for these HOT Summer days.

It gives me great pleasure to pull this out on the bus, after I’ve waited in the city soup at the stop, and just look at it in the Summer Light. This saturated SUPERcolor just makes sense now in a way that it never will in the middle of winter.

The mystery for me, though, is why this attraction is so strong to begin with. And even though you don’t see many people wearing this color often, when they do, it is always striking.

I am intrigued by why all humans have a favorite color. To echo our libidenous brothers who delcare “I’m a Leg Man myself” I’ll have to just SHOUT “I’m a LIMEY for sure…”

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