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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

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Chicago, it appears has become a VACATION DESTINATION!

Tourists from the far corners of the USA and beyond surface the near-north Lake areas like frosting on an especially captivating cake.

Do I like that?


NOT when I’m stuck at a crosswalk because 75+ free-floating beings with their nose’ in the sky scraping the sights are crossing against the traffic signals. Most of our downtown (and other main artery) streets are SIX lanes across, plus turn lanes. Fill these with people mesmerized by the bulidings and display windows and you have Heart Attack Central landing right in my driver’s seat!

BUT then again, it gives me the oppurtunity to people watch with no apologies. An endless parade of fashion for the scoping, if you will, streams by my windshield, for better or worse, richer or poorer, sicknesss or …


YES! I’ve been almost rendered lifeless by some of the sights I’ve seen this summer while held captive by PedJam.

Furgeddaboud your basic Butt Pack Misdemeanors – I’m talking from Mini-Skirts & Heels on the oblivious Granny to Dreads & LowRiders/SATIN BOXERS on White Bread Teens, trolling and pouting behind their parents, who are dressed identically in shorts/golf shirts complemented by (dark socks)/sandals.

The Worst Possible Case occurred last night as I drove into Chicago from Crown Pt, IN. I was one block away from parking my truck, posterior/right cheek sound asleep, bladder straining, when I was captured by a flow of bodies going North. A whole group of young teen girls crossed the street wearing those little Minis with pleated skirts and lowered waistbands. THONGage was evident from the rear view. Many were not slim and evidenced HANDLage brimming over the tops of their skirts and AROUND THEIR THONGS.

My mouth was already open when I was rescued by a sight from above – a lone strolling, tall cool drink of a woman in a


It had frisky, flirty fringe which swung back and forth like a mini-hula skirt across her heiny(sp.). A little tank, slim jeans and heels completed the ensemble.

THE Urban Pshawl strikes again!

I am making great headway on my creation – have just passed the halfway mark and think it is going to work out quite well.

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