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Friday, July 2, 2004

After enjoying the Tellstars at the Taste we wandered down Michigan Ave. right past Millenium Park

We saw Chicago’s 2 Finest Citizens: Oprah & Mayoy Daley

Chicago has many Pro Sports Teams but WHO’S THE BEST
– say it loud say it PROUD! –
da CUBS!mural2.jpg

Students from my Alma Mater, the SAIC, painted this multi-block mural and it is very entertaining, especially the Presidential Candidate block.

Here is Senor Abruto with many issues on his mind…mural3.jpg


Favorite Song: Michele Branch joined the Tellstars and sang a wonderful number.

Annoying Moment: inebriated fan who kept coming up to Michele later and slobbering all over her. She was standing right in front of me and I needed to stifle myself… Alas, this is what keeps me away from the Taste! There is always a surplus of icky men with beer breath ready to breathe down one’s cleavage. I was wearing my Smooch Shell and actually had some cleavage breathing…

Wandering Miracle: on my way to the bus stop, I ran right into another free concert, from JAZZ WNUA 95.5FM. They had San Francisco guitarist Joyce Cooling with her group and it was FABULOUS… Check out the rest of the summer *After Work Concert Series* line-up here. There’s plenty of free lawn space so the admission charge to what’s called by locals as *the Park Grill Chill* is moot.

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